In these unsure times Hudson River Solar is extending our commitment to serve. As more restrictions are imposed to decrease COVID-19 infection we all are looking to discover what impact this will truly have on our health and our ability to provide for our families.

Many would like to consider solar purchase and others currently rely on Hudson River Solar to keep their solar systems running; therefore we are following all CDC regulations for utility suppliers like Hudson River Solar to remain both safe and operational, even during the most strict social and business shutdown regulations.

Updated Guidelines

Commitment to Health

  • To prevent infection we strictly follow the cleaning guidelines for businesses recommended by the CDC. Distancing is practiced with customers easily as; most of our work is performed outside with some performed in isolated garage or basement areas for electrical connections.
  • We have initiated telecommuting, flexible work hours, an increase in physical distance during the workplace and recommended social distancing outside of the workplace.
  • We actively encourage sick employees to stay home and at any sign of sickness; as we have plans in action to continue essential business functions if higher than usual absenteeism is experienced.

Access to Materials

  • We will remain purchasing from only manufacturers that are based in the United States to ensure availability.
  • All of our solar panels, inverters, batteries, and other major components are from USA brands and have each sent out notification with assurance that they will also be able to continue to supply products while imposing all CDC health guidelines..
  • Monetary transactions for purchasing materials will be performed only after stock has been verified in a USA warehouse.

Overall Commitment to Serve

We are here to continue to provide peace of mind by offering solar energy production and self sustainability. Please contact us at any time if you have any questions or need assistance with anything at all.


Robert Baerga

(518) 212-7519

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