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Solaria® Panels and Systems are by far the Most Advanced Patented Solar Technologies available

  • Wouldn’t you prefer to get more power from your roof with fewer panels? With much longer life, more total kWh savings on your utility bill, and the peace of mind of the best warranty in the industry? There is not just a little difference between solar brands – there’s a LOT!
  • For starters, Solaria® has a patented one of a kind technology enabling solar cells to be “shingled” together instead of connected with traditional bussing ribbons instead of electrical wires on the back or worst wires on the front. Why is that important? Because this prevents unnecessary shading of the PV cell, maintains optimization of power, and this specific technology ensures the most connectivity and durability under extreme weather conditions.
  • These patented interconnections are thick and low resistance, which deliver module efficiency of 20% instead of the 15-17% efficiency of conventional panels.
    Our Solaria panels deliver 400 to 430 watts each, vs the most common conventional ones of only 300 to 375 watts. The real world is filled with factors that are bad for conventional panels but have less effect on Solaria panels. Whether its heat, humidity, corrosion, or physical stress.

Most Beautiful

  • This is a Solaria® system.
  • Black frames and 100% black panels for this gorgeous look. Our system has fewer visible components. No ugly protruding roof racking; no conduit pipe on the top of your roof and no big, space-hogging inverter. With solar panels this efficient, you’ll need fewer of them to offset 100% of your home's electric usage.
Solaria Racking
  • Because our Solaria® systems are the most efficient in the industry, we get more production using less space. Conventional panels have front-mounted wires which reduce power and life expectancy. The support racking sticks out from under the array. Exposed conduits run hither and thither across your roof and down your walls. Conventional solar panel brand's warranties are at times considerably shorter and may be split among different vendors, making troubleshooting, product replacement and repair quite complex.

Great Return On Investment

This is perhaps the biggest home improvement project you’ve done. Would you rather go with the cheapest solution or the best and most rewarding solution? Here are some things to consider:

  • Solaria® delivers more power now and more power later. For the first 30 years, it will produce 20% more kWh of electricity than a similarly sized conventional system. Ask your salesperson for a production graph.
  • Longest expected life. With greater more durable technologies comes longer life years past the warranty period.
  • Higher resale value. If you sell your house years after installation, the new owners will get years left of free electricity! Web-based real estate agencies already include a sun exposure section on their websites which show the higher value of homes with solar power as opposed to those without it.

30 Year Warranty on Power Production, Product, & Labor


Unlike most other solar panel warranties Solaria offers a full 3-part warranty: Power, Product, and Labor for 30 years.

(When other panels are warrantied, they are usually only warrantied for power production alone)

Read below why it's no wonder the panels we offer have a much greater warranty and production standard.

  • Total integration of all major components (panels, inverters, racking, monitoring) vs a hodgepodge of suppliers who may end up pointing fingers at each other instead of making you the priority.
  • Monitoring equipment warranted for 10 years; 2x to 5x longer than anybody else (10x longer than virtually all other electronics warranties such as TV sets and computers).
  • Solar Panels, Micro-Inverters, and Racking warranted for 30 full years.
  • Most other solar companies don’t pay for shipping or labor, which will cost you more than a “free” replacement component; and most only pay a pro-rated refund instead of giving you a new solar panel. Solaria has a full package warranty for your complete peace of mind.

American Success Story

Solaria American Based Company
  • Solaria® has a stable past and secure future that you can rely on.
  • As Chinese and Southeast Asian panels flood the market many American companies focus on the high end of the market by working to produce attractive and high-efficiency cells. Solaria was founded in the early 2000s when the cost of silicon, the raw material for photovoltaics, was a dominant cost of a PV system. Over the next few years, Solaria assembled a multidisciplinary team of scientists and engineers, with remarkable design ingenuity, to develop a sophisticated product and manufacturing process. Pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in terms of technology; this Fremont California based photovoltaic manufacturer, was named one of The 10 Most Innovative Tech Products of 2011 by Popular Mechanics
  • Popular Mechanics, has a long history of bringing intelligence about technology to its readers. Solaria was awarded for developing modules using its cell multiplication technology, which Popular Mechanics said led to modules that cost one-third less than photovoltaics (PVs) of similar efficiency.
  • Energy Sage, a leader in non-bias solar industry research, states "Solaria is one of the rising stars of the solar panel industry; thanks to their reasonable price tag, high efficiency, and strong warranties." Based on EnergySage’s analysis, Solaria’s PowerXT solar panels are a good investment for homeowners and businesses seeking high-quality panels for their solar installation. They’ve earned EnergySage’s “Premium” rating, a distinction given to less than ten percent of solar panels currently available on the market. Their USA manufacturing presence also makes them a good option for solar shoppers who want to support American businesses.
  • Solaria can be compared to the world's most expensive and highest quality solar panels like SunPower. Solaria and SunPower offer remarkably similar products, even though SunPower is a much larger company. Size is not necessarily better: SunPower has been in a bad financial situation for a long time, although there are signs of improvement in recent years. Solaria, on the other hand, has opted for slow, steady growth over two decades. Both the Solaria PowerXT and SunPower X-Series Signature Black are very similar. Both have high efficiency, excellent warranties, technology that should eliminate many wiring-related failures, and an attractive all-black appearance. SunPower has a very minor advantage in terms of efficiency and warranty, making Solaria's more affordable purchase price a major deciding factor.

Greener For The Planet

  • The International Renewable Energy Agency and the International Energy Agency Photovoltaic Power System Programme released a joint paper explaining that, on top of far exceeding the energy payback time, over 90% of the materials in current solar panels can be recycled into the next generation. As the influence and impact of solar power grow, scientists and manufacturers around the world actively aspire to create even better, more sustainable solar energy technology