Why Hudson River Solar

Some might say it’s because we are your trusted local installer who provides the world’s best equipment. Or that your economic payback is greater, the warranties are better, and our systems do a better job of keeping the world green.

We say it’s due to our great customer service. We start by listening to your needs, designing attractive options for you, and giving you the most expert and honest advice in the region. We're not out to make a quick buck. Our goal is to earn your trust and build a long-term relationship, hopefully, one that will inspire you to recommend us to your friends and neighbors.

Expert Consultation

Hudson River Solar designs and installs solar energy systems for both residential and commercial customers to help reduce or eliminate their electric bills by using clean solar photovoltaic energy. We're a close-knit team of installers, energy consultants, customer care specialists, and engineering staff.
We offer a broad range of solar solutions, not just the easy stuff. Whether you need a traditional rooftop grid-tied system, or one of several ground-mounted arrays, or an automatic tracker which follows the sun from dawn to dusk, or a battery back-up or complete off-grid system, we can build a system that you will really love.
Hudson River Solar is your trusted local installer of the finest equipment in the world. Our experts have been installing solar for many years; with experience designing solar systems dating back to 1993. We are among the few most experienced sources along the Hudson River for battery backup and off-grid solar systems. Each system component is carefully selected from the most trusted brands backed with the best warranties in the industry. All of the Solaria® solar system components we use are warrantied for 30 years for not only the product but also the power production and labor.
Our work is warrantied for ten full years, twice the length required by the New York State. (And, all of our Solaria products carry a complete 30-year warranty.) We have NABCEP certified experts and our crews are OSHA trained and fully insured to make your customer experience a smooth and happy one. We believe in providing the highest quality solar installation for you, from products to workmanship. You can rest assured that our systems are designed and built for your peace of mind.

Hundreds of successful solar installations; serving 17 counties along the Hudson River, Connecticut & Massachusetts

Areas We Service

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Superior Products

Solaria® manufactures the highest quality solar systems in the world. An American company founded in Fresno, California in 2000, helping people to change the way our world is powered. Their unique technology delivers one of the most efficient solar panels on Earth, perfect for getting the most energy production so that you can offset up to 100% of your electric bill.
The Solaria warranty is the best. Our competitors claim their panels are warrantied for 25 years, but you may find the fine print has lots of loopholes. 25 years may be what is conveyed but many other companies have warranties that are usually just 10 years and shipping or labor to remove/install is not covered at all. Solaria's warranty is all-inclusive… and for a full 30 years.

Sol-Ark is a veteran-owned engineering company with the mission of helping families be less dependent on our vulnerable power grid in an affordable way. To build the best in solar generators, the company was formed by many engineers who specialize in solar, electrical, mechanical, and nuclear engineering. Together, they have rewritten the book on solar generators. They design their own patent-pending electronics and systems that are tested on automated test stations. The Sol-Ark system was named “The most well thought out solar generator on the market” in 2016

Our experts have found that the right selection of inverter combined with the right solar panels proves to be the most important feature of a solar system design.

Customer Experiences

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Case Studies

Solar Powered Residence Using Hidden Sun Tracking Poles

City of Installation: Coeymans Hollow
Type of Solar System Sun Tracking Pole
% Incentives Received 51%
% Solar Electricity Generated 102%
Carbon Reduced >500 tons

Solar Powered Residence Off-Grid Battery System

Location: Warrensburg NY
Type of System Off-Grid Battery Solar System
Problem Solved Cost of battery system was less than the cost to connect to the grid
Providing Electricity for... 1700 square foot home (water pump, fridge, lighting, kitchen appliances). Heated by wood burning stove.
Size of system 8.64 DC kW
Battery Specs 4 x Sol-Ark - PCC-230 Solar Partial Charged Carbon AGM Battery Bank
Grid-tied? AC or DC? Off-Grid / DC system
  • Our experts are among the few most experienced and trusted sources for battery backup and off-grid solar systems

Solar Powered Residence -Solaria Roof Mount

City of Installation: Hudson
Type of Solar System Roof
% Incentives Received 30%
% Solar Electricity Generated 91%

Our History

Service History Location Map

All our experts have served solar and battery system customers up and down the Hudson Valley, from NYC to the Adirondacks. Some of our experts specialize in large systems for businesses, others in smaller systems for residential homes. Our lighting products are sold and shipped to many states across the country. But, our most far-reaching experience has been designing solar systems in Nepal, home of Mount Everest and the Himalayan Mountains. One of our top experts started in the solar business in 1993 and has worked on over 42,000 solar systems. The “highest hospital on Earth” at Mount Everest is powered by our solar system. When IMAX shot their documentary about Everest, they used our solar systems. Our affiliations allow us to continue to assist in designing systems in Nepal. One of our latest projects was a solar battery system for Hetauda Eye Hospital in southern Nepal.

Mission & Achievements

At Hudson River Solar, our mission is to help homeowners, businesses and other organizations reduce their dependence on electricity generated from polluting fossil fuels, thereby reducing carbon emissions and helping to preserve the Earth’s ecosystem. Hudson River Solar experts provide its clients with the highest quality of solar photovoltaic energy systems.

Hudson River Solar is a group of local well established solar experts that formed a unique solar organization model in the year 2019 to counteract the wave of unreliable and inefficient solar systems in the market.

Hudson River Solar has proved to be one of the few most experienced and trusted sources for battery backup and off-grid solar systems.

We provide peace of mind with Solaria's 3-part 25-year warranty (Product, Production, & Labor). In addition, Hudson River Solar has a ten-year installation warranty, twice the length required by New York State

We have NABCEP certified experts (the gold standard for solar certification).

We serve solar customers throughout upstate New York (Hudson Valley - Capital District), Massachusetts, and Connecticut.

We offer only the best solar technology in the world, Solaria, who appointed our company as Pro-Partner in Upstate New York.