Battery Backup Solar Systems

Battery Back-Up

  • Home owners and businesses today are considering adding battery power. During an outage, our "battery-backup" systems automatically disconnect from the grid and power your home with standby battery power.
  • Battery back-up is a modest system, perfect for people who are powered from the grid (the utility) but want to be prepared for power outages. You may choose a small system to back-up the most important appliances that need electricity at all times. Back-up systems are different from Off-grid systems; which are for people with no utility service.

Off-grid Solar Systems


  • An Off-grid system is a more robust battery system, designed to power your entire home year after year.
  • An Off-grid system can prevent having to pay thousands in initial wiring foundation costs that has for some of our clients surpassed the costs of an entire solar system.
  • Batteries for off grid is to avoid a house from having to be grid tied; but can also be used to offset demand charges and high electricity charges at specific times of the day.


DC or AC

  • Technology has changed. Solar panels generate DC (Direct Current) that needs to be inverted to AC (Alternating Current) for use in homes and businesses. Until a few years ago, it was common to make that inversion with one or more large inverters that were fed by 'strings' of solar panels.
  • After 2007, some companies developed micro-inverters, with one small inverter on the back of each solar panel, inverting DC to AC right there on the panel. This helped each panel deliver its optimal output. Unfortunately, those companies didn't fully debug the concept, leading to premature failures and expensive repair bills for labor (not completely covered by their warranties). We at Hudson River Solar use a system design method similar to large commercial solar systems that require as few potential failure components as possible.
  • One may choose AC systems with Hudson River Solar as some microinverters have vastly improved over the years ( i.e., Enphase IQ7+ ); for those that prefer the tried and tested DC solar system, we offer unique DC optimizers that deliver just as much optimal output as AC micro-inverters.

Hudson River Solar offers the best battery system components in the world!

Review Comparison Charts Below:

Solark Vs Tesla's Powerwall

Tesla’s Lithium Cobalt batteries are just not there yet when it comes to safe long lasting technology. The continuous power output of a Tesla EMS (Energy Management System) is 5 kW vs our 8 kw Sol-Ark system.

  • To double the continuous power, another entire Tesla EMS would need to be purchased; as opposed to adding one extra inverter to double the continuous power output of Hudson River Renewables battery systems. (Link to Sol-Ark Inverter technical details)
  • Our Sol-Ark batteries cost less and are much more durable and last just as long. Our Sol-Ark lead-carbon batteries last as long as the Tesla lithium cobalt batteries. Sol-Ark batteries are tried and tested to charge in sub-zero conditions with no need to store in heated spaces near or inside of your home. (Link to Sol-Ark battery technical details)
  • If you are looking for the longest life our Fortress batteries outlast Tesla batteries by 2 times the cycles. (Link to Fortress battery technical details.)

At Hudson River Solar a battery system can be designed to power an entire home off-grid, but may also be sized much smaller for just those few important appliances needing power during a power outage. Businesses use batteries to benefit from offsetting demand charges and keeping security lights and machinery on during outages. We can add batteries to an existing solar system or quote a solar array to perfectly accompany your battery backup or off-grid battery storage system.

Sol-ark 15K is now available!

Hudson River Solar on National TV's "Building Off the Grid"

(Discovery Channel Episode aired Thursday, March 5th, 2020 "Hudson Valley Retreat")

Peter and Ashley Jensen build a sustainable straw bale panel house in the Hudson Valley -- the first of its kind in the States.

Building off grid on Discovery Channel