Viable Solar Solutions

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Hudson River Renewables is unlike most companies, we have the know-how to install solar power in many different applications. We don’t do “cookie-cutter” generic systems where one size fits (or, often misfits) all. Think of us as a custom craftsperson who will tailor a system to your unique specifications.

Here are a few mounting locations for your solar system:

Roof Solar System


  • Usually least expensive because the structure is already there and usually up high in the sunlight.
  • Our waterproof mounting flashings are rain-tight and guaranteed to stay that way for 10 years (twice the state requirement!)
  • Solaria technology gives you the most beautiful appearance in the industry.
  • We can install on most any roof from standard asphalt shingle to standing seam metal, to cedar shake or fiber shingle, to flat and even slate roofs!
  • For commercial or other flat roofs, we provide ballast systems which won't make a single hole in your roof!

Ground Solar System

Ground Mount

  • Height, width and quantity can be designed to your preference.
  • Higher output. Unlike a roof, they can be built with the ideal tilt and direction for maximum sunlight.
  • Simplest and least expensive option for on-ground systems.
  • More likely to shed snow in deep winter due to tilt (and a little help from a soft brush).
  • Foundation depends on soil structure. Different types of deep metal posts can be pounded, augured, set in buried concrete or rest atop the ground on very large pre-cast concrete blocks.


Pole Mount

  • Visually appealing. Available in 4, 6, and 8 panel sizes with aesthetically placed poles.
  • Greater output than roof mount: Tilt can be adjusted several times a year to take advantage of seasonal sunlight.
  • At their steepest tilt in winter, they shed snow faster than most roof and ground mounts.
  • Foundations similar to ground mounts.

Sun Tracker Solar System


  • The Cadillac of the industry with up to 45% more kWh of energy than fixed-mount systems. It provides more power with fewer solar panels.
  • Automatically tilts and turns about every eight minutes to keep its 20 or 24 panels aligned perfectly to the sun for maximum output.
  • Best snow dumping. Here in snow country, the tracker is programmed to automatically keep itself free of snow accumulation, even at night.
  • Regionally made! Designed and built by All Earth Renewables near Burlington, VT. It's the highest quality tracker on the market and we’ve been one of their best dealers for years.